This is a school with about 1400 students, aged 13 to 19 and 200 teachers is located in Stabroek, in an agricultural area near the port of Antwerp. As our school is located near the port of Antwerp, some students want to leave school to go to work without finishing their studies.


High school trades tertiary Romain Rolland is located in a sensitive area Sensitive Urban Zone, recently labeled Priority Area Safety, and Amiens. The 550 students who compose it are mostly from disadvantaged socio-professional categories. We strongly confronted with problems of absenteeism and dropout that mobilize a large part of our energy to fix it.


This school is one of the professional evenings located at the west entrance of Thessaloniki, close to the industrial area and the port of the city. It has 200 students and 30 teachers. Students come from diverse social and demographic contexts, they come from rural and urban areas and a percentage of them are immigrants or returns.


The « George Marzescu » school in Iasi is an intercultural school with 562 pupils from 3-15 years. They learn both Romanian and Roma pupils is an inclusive school because we have also integrated the students with special needs.


The Outokumpu North Karelia College is part of the municipal education and Consoritum « Training», education and development organization owned by the municipalities of the province of North Karelia, which is one of the most difficult regions Finland. There are about 600 students from all over Finland and also abroad.


This is a private Lycée technique for girls with about 600 students and 55 teachers. We are located in the south of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Esch -sur- Alzette . More than half of our students are of foreign origin, mostly Portuguese. Some who have not completed the cycle of primary education, we follow in the regime called «preparatory or modular «to access the sections that we offer. These students with learning difficulties related to specific problems.


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