Press release

Anvers – Belgique

A Comenius project kicked off in Stabroek. This project will focus on how to help U.E. to reach its objectives, decrease the rate of early leaving school under the rate of 10%.
It means helping all young people between 18 and 25 who think to leave school with no secondary diploma.

Amiens – France

Ms Maryse Esterle-Hedibel, Teacher – researcher – master of conferences at the University of Artois, author of the book: Les élèves transparents. Les arrêts de scolarité avant 16 ans, published by Editions du Septentrion, in 2007, and Ms Ghetemme, IA-IPR, who presented the Frenach specificity of the micro-school gave conferences to illustrate the problematic of drop out in France at the meeting in Amiens to the Comenius partners.

Thessalonique – Grèce

« He left school at the age of 15, to work an an upholsterer and later as a lift technician. When crisis bursted, 38 years old Christo, became unemployed and realised that he needed to … graduate. So, almost after 2 decades, he got back to school to acquire knowledge and skills and get his diploma. »

Iasi – Roumanie

The Digi24 television carried a report about the Symposium organized by the Technical College of Electronics and Telecommunications « Gheorghe Mârzescu » and the Teacher Training Center « Spiru Haret ».

 » European project to prevent dropout. Two millions lei are invested in the education of parents and students. – Teachers from Iasi learn how to keep foreign students in class »


The Comenius project was presented to representatives of training institutions from 7 European countries (Estonia, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, UK, Sweden) during the « Study visits Cedefop », organized by non-profit organization in cooperation with ANEFORE local Action for Youth.

After two years of workshops and meetings, the members of the network had organised, in partnership with Anefore, a project restitution evening on 21 May 2015, gathering an audience of professionals and officials of the education sector.A panel of several personalities will discuss around the theme of early school leaving, amongst which:

  • Mr Evarist Bartolo, Minister of Education and Employment of Malta
  • Mr Claude Turmes, Luxembourg Member of the European Parliament
  • Mr Romain Martin, Professor of Psychology and Educational Science at the University of Luxembourg
  • Mr Thomas Debrux, Director of the Sainte-Marie Institute, President of the Modoperandi Association


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